Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

» Professional

» Reliable

» Focussed

» Attention to Detail

Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

» Reliable

» Focussed

» Attention to Detail

» Professional

Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

» Focussed

» Attention to Detail

» Professional

» Reliable

Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

» Attention to Detail

» Professional

» Reliable

» Focussed

ProfitAbility Virtual Assistants can help you with everyday tasks that you need achieved

Travel Arrangements & Planning

Do you travel a lot for work? We can book all of your travel and accommodation for you so that you do not have to do it on the run. Then we simply send you the details directly to your inbox or mobile phone.

Online File Storage Organisation

If you have online storage files such as Dropbox, Onedrive or Google Docs, we can take care of all of your filing needs.

Coordinate Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

We can co-ordinate your meetings with Clients and Team Members and ensure all of the required equipment is available during the meeting as well. We can also type out your meeting minutes and distribute them to all of the required parties

Form Creation & Completion

Do you need a form created that will make your workflow easier? We can create practical forms to suit your needs. If you are short on time, we can also complete any forms that you need done as well.

Answering Customer Enquiries

Does your business respond to Customer Service emails or support tickets or support chats? We can save you time by monitoring and managing these enquiries in a timely manner for you.

Create and Manage Databases & CRM's

We can assist with collating all of your contacts into a database or Client Relationslip Management system.

Organise Gifts & Greeting E-Cards

If you need to arrange a gift or an e-card but don't have the time to shop around, then we can take care of this for you. You can tell us exactly what you are after and we can present you with the best options for you to choose from. We can also assist you in determining the right gift.

Data Mining & Lead Generation

We can turn your raw data, such as your customers details, into more useful information. We can also create and implement lead generation strategies to increase your business footprint. 

Manage Email Inbox & Spam

Are you serious about time management because if so, sorting through your email inbox can be one of the biggest time wasters that business owners face everyday.

Powerpoint Presentations

We can prepare powerpoint presentations and speakers notes for your next meeting or Key Note Presentation.

Conduct Research & Create Reports

Do you need some research conducted for an upcoming or current project? We can do all of the ground work for you. Identify key areas and opportunities and collect the information and data you need. We can also assist in creating a variety of reports for your project as well.  

Creating & Managing Spreadsheets

We can create and manage all types of spreadsheets for your company including spreadsheets with complex formulas, graphical displays, macros and pivot tables.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Personal Assistant and a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is not an employee like a Personal Assistant is.

A Virtual Assistant can complete any task that can be acheived without having to physically be present in your workspace.

You only pay for the time that you need your Virtual Assistant and there is no need to pay holidays, sick leave or superannuation on behalf of your Virtual Assistant.

How much does a Virtual Assistant cost?

This can vary depending on what you need your ProfitAbility Virtual Assistant to do for you as well as the volume of work involved.

As a general rule our hourly rate is $44.00 including GST, however, please feel free to contact us for a more specific cost estimate for your tasks.

Where is ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance?

ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance is based in Rockhampton at Suite 7, 67 East Street.

We are located in Trustee House which is positioned directly across from the Rockhampton District & Magistrates Court and within a short walking distance to the Rockhampton Regional Council Chambers, the Livingstone Shire’s Rockhampton Council Chambers as well as popular restaurants, cafe and quality accommodation.


What are your office hours?

Our office is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am and 4.30pm.

Your ProfitAbility Virtual Assistant is also available outside of these hours by prior arrangement. Just let us know what you need and we will work on a solution.

I don't live near you, is that a problem?

Absolutely not! Our ProfitAbility Virtual Assistants are highly computer literate and we are able to communicate with you in a variety of ways. We have video conferencing facilities that can allow us to have face-to-face meetings as well as telephone conversations, emails, texts and of course postal mail. Our systems also allow us to transfer large files in a manner that is convenient for you and we can even 'remote' into your computer system to complete work if required.

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You certainly added a WOW! Factor (to my resume).

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Helen N.

Hey Friends, if any of you are looking to get some help with office assistance, bookkeeping, social media, video conferencing, day office hire, or a quick health check of your business processes head on over to ProfitAbility and have a chat with Kylie Ufer, she's pretty awesome!

Sharon C.

Kylie Ufer is the most professional person I've had the pleasure of working with. I can't express in words how amazing she is at her work. I can't recommend her enough.

Hannah B

Kylie Ufer is one of the most professional business women you will ever come across. Her experience in business including the horse industry financials is better than anyone in this area. If you want the best for your business get in touch with Kylie.

Debbie B.

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