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Australian Virtual Assistants helping Small Business Owners to
Scale, Survive and Thrive

Australian Virtual Assistants helping Small Business Owners to Scale, Survive and Thrive

Bushfire Support - One Week Free
Virtual Receptionist Service

Here at ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance, we believe deeply in supporting small businesses and this includes assisting them through the tough times. So if you are about to be, are being or have been impacted by a bushfire, we would like to offer your business one week of free Virtual Receptionist Services.


Our free support will allow you to divert your business phone to us. We will then take care of looking after your phone calls, while you look after yourself, your family and your property.


During your support period, we will answer your calls, take message for you and where appropriate advise your callers about your situation.


We will then simply pass these messages onto you via text, email or Facebook Messenger, depending on what suits you best. As you may be unable to access any communications whilst you are under the threat of fire, we can also hold onto these messages until the danger has passed, so that you can focus on keeping yourself and your family safe.


Our highly trained Virtual Receptionists will monitor your situation and if you require more than one week's worth of support, we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

About your free support

Your telephones will be answered Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm (excluding gazette public holidays). We can also provide support outside of these hours if necessary.

Your telephone calls will be answered in a warm and personable manner and we will preserve your professional and caring reputation.

We will ensure that your Clients are given accurate information regarding your business' circumstances and other information such as your location, your business hours as well as any other commonly asked questions that your Clients may ask.

We will ensure that messages and bookings are taken with accuracy and that your Team Members are informed of the details in a timely manner, when required. We can supply the messages to you via your preferred delivery method. We can also withhold messages for you so that you can focus on getting back on your feet, so you can get back to business when you're ready. 

We will provide you with an afterhours voice message free of charge. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to supply us with MP3 telephone messages that you would like your Clients to listen to.

You will receive a telephony report that details all of the calls your business has received.

This report includes the time of the calls, the callers name and phone number, any messages left by the caller or details about the call and how long it took our team to process the call.

What to do before a threat approaches

When you are made aware that you, your neighbourhood and your livelihood is under threat by an approaching disaster, it can be a very scary and very busy time. 


Obviously having a plan prior to an intense event occurring is the best practice, however in reality it is not something that many Small Business Owners think of until they are already in the line of fire.


So when we are made aware that a disaster is potentially headed your way, it is important to D-PASS - Decide, Prepare, Act, Stay Informed and Survive.


DECIDE if you will stay or leave

PREPARE as best you can for what is to come

ACT quickly when notified and make wise decisions

STAY INFORMED of the disasters progress

SURVIVE the disaster and recover as quick as possible

Small Business Natural Disaster Plan - PASS
Bushfire Support for Small Business

Help Your Business Survive

When your business is at risk from bushfire, it's important to be prepared. This gives your business the best chance of surviving and thriving once the danger has passed. We have prepared a PDF guide on some basic steps you should take in the event of a bushfire.

Know you are in safe hands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, there is a couple of ways to answer to this question ...

Literally :

We will answer your phone as per the script you have given us when you register for your Virtual Receptionist Support Package, OR by default we will say "Welcome to <insert your Company Name>, you're speaking with <insert your Virtual Receptionists name>. For example, "Welcome to ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance, you're speaking with Kylie". Then we will answer your clients enquiry as if we were sitting right next to you!


We will ask you to either - 

  1. Transfer your advertised phone number to a phone number that we will provide you with. We will also tell you the exact buttons you need to press to make this happen - step by step, button by button - depending on who your telephone provider is.
  2. Promote the local telephone number that we have supplied you with! Just remember there is an extra $5 per month charge for us to give you with a local phone number and you are more than welcome to take this number with you when you leave us (not that you will EVER want to do that!)

When you register for a Virtual Receptionist Support Package we will ask you who your current telephone number is with, for example Telstra, Optus, etc.

Then we will give you the step by step, button by button instructions on how to divert your current phone number to us.

We'd love too! We have a bunch of clients that get us to book in their clients into their online booking systems or we simply send them an email or text and then they book their client into their system themselves ... after we have pre-qualified the client.

To be honest it is truly about whatever suits your business the best, that is exactly what we do!

We have found that our Virtual Receptionist Support Package has also been super handy for Small Business Owners that have unfortunately woken up too sick to work today ... in those situations we have simply contact the relevant clients, apologised for the inconvenience and reschedule the appointment to a more suitable time (for you!). That way you don't have any extra burden or worry. 

That is up to you!

Most Small Business Owners prefer us to process a booking or enquiry for them and/or to email them with the details of the call. Having said that, we are happy to text you the details instead if that works better for you!

Following each call we happily provide you with the callers name, the date and time they called, their phone number and any relevant messages/bookings/details.

Then at the end of every month, or week .. depending on your package, we provide you with a complete report for the entire period that includes all of the above details as well as the actual time it took us to process each call and to advise you of the relevant information. 

We will provide you with a pre-approved after hours voice message FREE of charge.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to supply us with a 15 second MP3 telephone message that you would like your clients to listen to.

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