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Creating a Social Media Profile

Do you need assistance with creating your Businesses Online Profile?

Would you like to better understand which social media platform is most suited to your Business?

We can either create your Social Media Profiles on your behalf or we can train you in the setup process.

 Here are the social media platforms that we can assist you with:

Social Platform Facebook
Social Platform Instagram
Social Platform LinkedIn
Social Platform Google Plus
Social Platform Twitter
Social Platform Pinterest

Social Media Management Packages

Social Media Marketing is simply the MOST TARGETED MARKETING that a Company can undertake and we are here to help you build upon your fan base!

We create posts with CAPTIVATING images that are designed to achieve results in line with your businesses objectives. We work with you to understand your business and your clients needs and we schedule all of your posts in advance, so that you always know what is being promoted. Once your FANS start reacting to your posts, we ENGAGE with them on your behalf so that you are consistently building strong connections with your ONLINE COMMUNITY.

Social Media has single handedly REVOLUTIONALISED the business and marketing landscape due to its POWER to turn local businesses into global companies at the click of a button!


Social Media Assistant

$60.50 Per Hour
  • Charged in 5 mins increments and not strictly per hour
  • Fantastic for once off Social Media Support or Relief Work
  • Perfect for Blog Writing
  • Excellent for those who desire Social Media Image Creation
  • Great for Business Owners who want training in managing their own social media profiles

Create a Social Media Profile

$48.40 Per Hour
  • You can nominate your 3 favourite social platforms
  • All of the features of the Pro & LIte Social Media Assistant Package PLUS the features below:
  • We create 18 posts per week. Publishing them across your choosen platforms
  • $30 weekly advertising budget included
  • Writing copy for weekly BLOGS under guidance from you

Blogs & Vlogs


BLOG's and VLOG's are extremely popular at the moment and they are a fantastic way to build your businesses online community.

They allow your Clients and Fans to consume a variety of information about your industry and business in short bursts and at a time that is convenient for them.

BLOG's and VLOG's are also a key ingredient in getting Search Engines such as Google or Internet Explorer to understand what your business is about and to assist them in deciding where to rank your business in search results. 


$55.00 Per Hour
  • Excellent for engaging with your Clients and Fans
  • Perfect for time poor businesses that need assistance in creating a regular BLOG
  • We can research and write about suitable topics on your behalf
  • Ability to upload the BLOG to your website ready for you to share via your social media channels


$55.00 Per Hour
  • Specialised recording equipment is supplied
  • Constructive suggestions are offered throughout your recording
  • We can include video Intro's, Outro's, background music and overlay text within your VLOG
  • Professional MP4 videos are produced ready for you to distribute via your social media channels

Facebook for Business Training

"Facebook for Business is the one marketplace where you don't have to outspend your Competitor to beat them"

If you would like to learn more about using Facebook for Business, then sign up for our Facebook for Business Course.

We have a 'Starting out with Facebook for Business Program' (Beginner) as well as a 'Facebook for ProfitAbility Program' (Intermediate) depending on your current level of knowledge.

If you are interested in joining our next Program, register below and we will contact you with the details. 

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