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ProfitAbility DIY Websites

For those of you who would like a brand new website but don't want to pay thousands for it, you will love our 'ProfitAbility DIY Websites'.

With simple drag and drop features and access to our Members Only DIY Website Tutorials, you will feel like a Web Master in a matter of hours, not months.

You will have complete control to upload the content you would like, your own images and to change all of the fonts and colours to suit your brand.

ProfitAbility DIY Websites

$750 Per Site (excl. Domain & Hosting)
  • Perfect for start up businesses
  • We have a number of ProfitAbility DIY Website Templates to choose from
  • Access to Online Tutorials on customising your site
  • You have 100% ownership and no ongoing fees

Updating your Current Website

Do you need to make some changes on your current website and you are a little lost about how to do it?

We can either complete the changes for you, so that you can concentrate on more income producing tasks OR we can train you in how to do it yourself, so that next time you need to update a little bit of content it will be a breeze.

Perhaps you have seen a feature on another website that you think would be perfect for you too? Depending on the feature you are chasing, we can implement new features for you too.

We can assist you with the day to day management of your website as well as keeping your online newsletters up to date.
Discuss you needs with us today.

Did you know that according to the 'GOOGLE GODS', websites that are updated more frequently, RANK higher in Google searches! And it makes sense really ... would you prefer to trust a website that was updated in the last six weeks or a website that was last updated six years ago?


Updating Your Current Website

$60.50 Per Hour
  • Assistance with online newsletters
  • Excellent for inserting new website features
  • Customised to suit your business desires
  • Refresh your current content and rank higher

Custom Website Design

If you would prefer a custom website design, speak to us about your desires and we will be more than happy to make your website dreams a reality!

Comments from our Custom Website Clients

Thank you so much!!!  I'm super happy with it, really great work. A dream come true for me 😊 Thank you xxx

Kristina J

Registering a Domain Name

Your Domain Name is your online address. It is usually the same as or similar to your current Business Name.

It is the online destination where you can  promote your products and services to your Clients and potential Clients and it is where they can go to get valuable information about your business.

We can take all of the hassle and mystery out of registering your domain name by conducting this task on your behalf.

Register a Domain Name

$29.05 Plus Domain Cost
  • Perfect for busy people
  • Takes the headache out of registering your desired name
  • We can advise you on who is promoting domain name sales
  • We can advise you alternative domain names, if your preferred name is already taken

Registering or Transferring your Website Hosting

Website Hosting is basically a 'licence' to use some space on the World Wide Web to house your Website.  It  is a little like renting a physical shop space to run your business out of.

When it comes to Hosting, there are many options to choose from and it can get a little technical depending on what you would like your website to achieve, for example if you want an online store then you will need a special certificate to make sure your online store is protected.

We can assist you in obtaining the exact hosting requirements you need so you don't need to take a crash course in Website Hosting.


Register Hosting of a Domain

$75.60 Plus Hosting Cost
  • Hassle free hosting registration & set up
  • We present you with your hosting options and current sale prices
  • Includes the creation of up to 5 business email addresses

Online Stores & Online Shopping

Firstly, congratulations on considering to move your products and services online. The rapid adoption of online shopping means that any business can market themselves to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Getting your online store up and running is a little like getting a physical store up and running. You need to make sure you pick a suitable shop front, you need to ensure that your shop front is protected from thieves and you need to place your products and services in your shop front so that it encourages your Clients to buy from you! Online stores are no different.

Talk to us about your online store requirements today.


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