THE ultimate guide to hiring a virtual assistant

When you hire a virtual assistant for your business you can achieve more income and a better lifestyle for your Small Business, yourself, and your family.

Learn, step by step, just how easy it is to get the support you so desperately need and take your business to a new level with the right support team around you.

hire a virtual assistant


  1. How to know if you really need to hire a Virtual Assistant
  2. The tipping point: Virtual Assistant vs Employee
  3. The easiest tasks to outsource
  4. Where you can find a great one
  5. The cost of a Virtual Assistant
  6. Choosing the right one
  7. How to brief your new Virtual Assistant
  8. Control freaks, perfectionists, and delegating anyway
  9. Building trust
  10. What to do when things so pear-shaped

We often hear Small Business Owners say that the reason that they don’t – or can’t – reach out to someone else for support is because:

  • They are simply too busy.
  • It is too hard to explain what they do to someone else.
  • Their business is ‘unique and complicated’.

In this guide, we are going to go through why it doesn’t have to be that way, and why the reasons above are not valid enough reasons to run yourself and potentially your business, into the ground.

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