Precise Data Entry

Virtual Assistants helping Small Business Owners to
Scale, Survive and Thrive

Virtual Assistants helping Small Business Owners to Scale, Survive and Thrive

Here are some of the more popular requests

  • Time sheet information
  • Customer contact details
  • Entering scientific results
  • Medical history and details
  • Numerical Figures and statistics
  • Paper data to computerised data
  • Product identification information
  • Consolidation of multiple spreadsheets
  • Complex spreadsheet reporting at the click of a button
  • And so more!
Data Entry Services
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Faultless, flawless, timely, savvy and excellent communicators! Cannot recommend highly enough. 6 Stars! (out of 5)


Mining Specialist

Thank you for providing our businesses with an A-Class service that goes above and beyond our expectations.


Meet your data entry team

Kylie Ufer - Director and Virtual Assistant
Kylie Ufer
BAS Agent & Founder
Gail Farmer - Data Entry Virtual Assistant
Gail Farmer
Virtual Assistant
Angela Webber - Virtual Assistant
Angela Webber
Virtual Assistant

Data Entry Services - Packages

All prices inclusive of GST

1 hour


  • Utilise our highly skilled Professionals to get the job done

2 hours


  • Tell us about the support you need and we'll take care of it

3 hours


  • Use your time wisely and let us focus on the repetitive work

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three simple steps we need to cover off in order to help you in the best possible way:

  1. We need you to complete a Registration Form. This gives our Team permission to receive and share information and documents with you and to ensure that your privacy and business confidentiality is protected.
  2. We will then discuss your project and desired outcomes with you to ensure that we completely understand your requirements.
  3. We will start the project and keep in contact with you regarding our progress and any other questions that may arise once we start the project.

Once we have finished the project or at pre-determined intervals, we will share the project results with you so that you can confirm that we are on the right track!

Following feedback from our clients, we have implemented a weekly invoicing system to assist Small Business Owners with managing their cash flow.

Our invoices are created every Monday and are generally emailed out on Tuesday/Wednesday.

On your invoice you will also see a detailed record of all of the tasks that we have completed on your behalf and the time it took us to complete the task.

If you have supplied us with your Credit Card Details, we will debit your card within the next 24 hours. If you haven't, you can locate our bank details on the bottom of your invoice and our payment terms are strictly 7 days.


None what-so-ever and you will only ever be invoiced for the work that we have physically completed for you.

Absolutely not! Our ProfitAbility Virtual Assistants are highly computer literate and we are able to communicate with you in a variety of ways. We have video conferencing facilities that can allow us to have face-to-face meetings as well as telephone conversations, emails, texts and of course postal mail. Our systems also allow us to transfer large files in a manner that is convenient for you and we can even 'remote' into your computer system to complete work if required.