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Don't have employment agreements in place?
Try our quick and easy fix

Employment Agreements and specific Government paperwork is mandatory and we have made it easy for you with our Fair Work compliant Employee Agreement Packages.

Employee Agreement Package

Only $25

  1. An Introduction Letter
  2. New Employee/Contractor Details Form
  3. Employment Agreement
  4. Employment Agreement Acceptance
  5. Employment Paperwork
  6. Tax File Number Declaration Form
  7. Superannuation Standard Choice Form
  8. Fair Work Information Statement
  9. Casual Employment Information Statement
  10. Position Description

Great features to make your life easier

Each pack is customisable and if you would like additional clauses, simply add them in! You can also change the image on the cover page by clicking on it and inserting your logo.

When you populate a field in this document, it will automatically populate all of the related fields in the document as well (This excludes the Tax File Declaration Form and the Super Choice Form as the government have password protected these documents.)

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