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PVA Website healthcheck

People want to easily find the information they are looking for, and when they find it they want a fast, informative and easy to navigate experience.

Having a beautiful website isn't enough on its own these days, but there are a host of simple things that can be done to elevate your site, be seen, and convert.

We'll take a comprehensive look at your site, identify any gaps you may have, and create a report with suggestions about what can be done to address them.

Get the attention your site deserves.

Here's what to expect from your website health check

Below is a summary of the areas we cover in your website health check.

We give simple explanations of any issues, explanations as to WHY they are issues, and suggestions for improvements.

Website speed

If your page takes too long to load people may just give up and move somewhere else before even getting to your content.

Not only that but if your site is too slow Google will penalise you when it comes to working out where you should rank in search.

We will look at the speed of your site, and delve into the fixes that could be made to improve things if needed.

Device performance

The internet is everywhere mobile phones, portable tabs and all manner of other devices.

We check that your site is mobile responsive and that it is functioning correctly when visited from any device.

We take the time to visit your site and will make sure everything not only looks fine, but works fine too.

Content review

The first thing we do is check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. 

As a part of our content review pass, we'll also take a look at any engagement opportunities that you may be missing. 

We'll also make any recommendations regarding industry best practices that are known to increase page time and conversion rates.

Search engine performance

We'll review the performance of your site against the major search engines and report what key search terms your site is being found for.

We'll conduct a technical markup pass to see how your site has been tagged, and make sure that the markup you need is both present and appropriate to your content.

Peace of mind with a comprehensive
website health check

Website health check
Website health check

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Your visitors deserve the absolute best experience you can give them, and you deserve the visitors.

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