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Australian Virtual Assistants helping Small Business Owners to
Scale, Survive and Thrive

Australian Virtual Assistants helping Small Business Owners to Scale, Survive and Thrive

If it is social, we create media for it

Take the stress out of social media

Creating a Business Social Media Profile

Creating a


Let us help you to create social media profiles that attract attention to your brand and products. This includes ensuring that your imagery, settings and posts are working in your favour for your chosen social media platforms.

Social Media Video Virtual Assistant



Video Marketing is one of the most influential ways to engage your target market on social media. When it is done well it will earn you more trust and likeability with your target market.


Paid Campaign


When you are investing your hard earned money in advertising, you need to invest in quality results. We can guide you through the maze of getting quality results and reduce the amount of trial and testing required.


Set up


Taking advantage of the popularity of Facebook for your business is a wise decision. We ensure that you start off on the right foot and understand the key components needed to attract attention on this powerful platform.




Blogs are amazing for Small Businesses for two reasons. 1. They give your circle of influence a better understanding of who you are, what you do and who you do it for. 2. It does the same for Google and other search engines too!

Creating social media content for Small Businesses

Creating Consistent


There are a handful of rules when it comes to social media success and consistency is one of them. We can ensure that your Small Business builds a reputation and shares messages that are consistent with your goals.

Social Media Management for Small Business Owners

Help with


We can take care your your social media from setting it up to writing the content and creating captivating images. We can also schedule your posts at times of the day and week that have the most impact.

Managing a Business Instragram Grid



For some industries such as ones that can help to 'organise' others, it can be important to have an Instagram or social media gallery image grid that appeals to those with an 'organised' pre-disposition. 

Create and Photoshop Images for Business Social Media Channels

Create & Photoshop


A picture says a thousand words and that is why we care so much about ensuring that your imagery matches your Small Business' goals and vision, whilst ensuring that you are safe from copyright breaches

Customer Value Optimisation Specialist
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Meet your Social Media team

Public Relations Team - Prue Leng

Prue Leng

Virtual Assistant & Copywriter
Rachael Mills - Social Media Virtual Assistant

Rachael Mills

Virtual Assistant & Social Media
Graphic Design Team - Edgar Larsen

Edgar Larsen

Website & Graphic Designer


Three Posts
One Social Channel

$72.60 per week

  • You can nominate your favourite social platform
  • Discounts available for more than one social channel

Five Posts
One Social Channel

$121.00 per week

  • You can nominate your favourite social platform
  • Discounts available for more than one social channel

Seven Posts
One Social Channel

$169.40 per week

  • You can nominate your favourite social platform
  • Discounts available for more than one social channel

Set up a
Social Media Profile

$145.20 per profile

  • Get the maximum exposure for your chosen channel

Content Creation
Inspiration Matrix

$145.20 per hour

  • Never think about what to post about EVER again


$145.20 per blog

  • Rank higher in Google and other search engines

Social Media

$48.40 per hour

  • We can assist you with all of your Business' Social Media needs.

Live Repurpose

$0.81 per minute

  • Repurpose a Facebook Live into a Blog, Video, Podcast and more


Get a Quote

  • Simply contact us for a quote on your unique project

Social Media Webinars

The Art of Storytelling on Social Media

The Art of Storytelling on Social Media is a practical, hands on workshop that aims to educate Small to Medium Business Owners and those in control of Social Media for Businesses on the power of using storytelling to create a deeper connection with their online audiences.

Participants will deep dive into the psychology of storytelling to discover exactly why it works and how they can confidently use it to their advantage. 

The workshop will give participants practical steps on how to implement Storytelling into their social channels and walk away with valuable topics ready to be discussed with their online communities. They will also learn how to effectively communicate on videos too!

Discover a new approach to posting on social media with this fun, thought-provoking workshop.



Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to assist you with any social media channel, however we actively work with the following channels on a regular basis:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Youtube

And some not so regular channels:

  • Pinterest
  • TikToc
  • SnapChat
  • Sound Cloud
  • Many Chat
  • WhatsApp

Your security is really important to use, which is why we only request the access we need to support you with your project goals.

Each social media platform has it's own access requirements and therefore we will talk to you about the most effective way for us to access your social media profiles, however here is a general summary:

  • Facebook - We will send you an access request via our Facebook Business Manager Account. Our Facebook Business Manager account allows us to support multiple businesses from the one platform and it gives you the peace of mind that you can remove our access at anytime. Once we make the request to access your page, you will receive a notification, which you will need to accept and then enter in your password to confirm the acceptance.
  • LinkedIn - You will need to log into LinkedIn. Click on ‘Me’ and then click on ‘<your business name>’ under ‘Manage’. Then click on ‘Admin Tools’ and then ‘Page Admins’ and type ‘Kylie Ufer’ in the ‘Add new admin by name’ bar and then click ‘Save Changes’.
  • YouTube & Google My Business – You will need to supply us with your Google username and password.
  • Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Sound Cloud and most other social platforms – You will need to supply us with your username and password.

When you are ready, we are happy to guide you through this process step by step, button by button.

We have a commercial licence to access a stock image library and therefore we are approved to use any of the images we supply you.

Having said that, we love to use your images too if you have any that would be suitable for sharing on social media.

You do!

As soon as you pay your account with us for the support we have supplied you, you become the owner of the content we have created on your behalf.


None what-so-ever and you will only ever be invoiced for the work that we have physically completed for you.

If you ask us to create regular weekly content for you, we will generally have your content ready up for up to three weeks in advance.

Following feedback from our clients, we have implemented a weekly invoicing system to assist Small Business Owners with managing their cash flow.

Our invoices are created every Monday and are generally emailed out on Tuesday/Wednesday.

On your invoice you will also see a detailed record of all of the tasks that we have completed on your behalf and the time it took us to complete the tasks.

If you have supplied us with your Credit Card Details, we will debit your card within the next 24 hours. If you haven't, you can locate our bank details on the bottom of your invoice and our payment terms are strictly 7 days.

There are three simple steps we need to cover off in order to help you in the best possible way:

  1. We need you to complete a Registration Form. This gives our Team permission to receive and share information and images with you and to ensure that your privacy and business confidentiality is protected.
  2. We will then discuss your project and desired outcomes with you to ensure that we completely understand your requirements.
  3. We will start the project and keep in contact with you regarding our progress and any other questions that may arise once we start the project.

You are also more than welcome to provide us with images, content and ideas that you come across as well while we are working together.

Discover the

Small Business Learning Centre

We recognise that many Small Business Owners want to teach themselves how to look after certain parts of their social media strategies and get a better understanding of potential opportunities.

Therefore, we developed the Small Business Learning Centre which has a tonne of free and affordable self paced training courses that can assist Small Business Owners with the skills they need to learn.

Super-charge your Social!


Check out or Top 3 Social Media Courses

Facebook Stories

You'll learn to create Facebook Stories for your audience

Facebook Stories are a feature based on Instagram Stories, where a user can post an image or short video to a separate area of Facebook. These posts last 24 hours and can be premade images or photos taken within the Facebook Stories camera on the app. They're great for engaging your audience, and you can even make ads for Stories!

How to Create
Instagram Stories

We will take you through step by step and button by button

Instagram Stories have been steadily increasing in popularity, with over 400,000 users joining in on the fun every day! 

A story is a short video or a photo taken in the Instagram app, which you can share to your followers for just 24 hours. This makes it perfect for sharing behind the scenes content that shows your authenticity and can amuse your followers! 

All-in-all, Instagram Stories are a great way to get people to like your business even more!


10 settings you need to GET RIGHT on your FACEBOOK PAGE!

Learn about the 10 key settings in Facebook that you need to get right so that your Business Facebook Page has the best opportunity to reach your target market and to get the results you need.

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