Meet your Virtual Receptionist


Virtual Receptionist

I answer incoming calls, do scheduling for clients, and make appointments. I am the receptionist to help you manage more calls and solve your time issues.


Many years of customer service in retail and sales.


I am friendly and sociable and have a wealth of life experience to draw from.

Virtial Receptionist - Marcia


Gold Coast, QLD

Leveling up!

Remaining plugged into my team, continually working on my skills, and being aware of my language and communication when answering calls.

My Areas of Expertise

First impressions

I know you only have one chance to make a first impression and I provide that positive impression for your business.


I am open-minded, friendly, and polite, and treat all I converse with respect and a can-do attitude. 


I treat each caller with understanding and listen to what they have to say, focusing on their needs.

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What I do outside of work

The beach

Marcia beach walks

I love to walk, especially on the beach. Calming, relaxing, beautiful

Health and fitness

Marcia health and fitness

I have a huge interest in health and longevity and love to keep an active mind and body.

Recycling furniture

Marcia lampshade upcycling

I have a passion for upcycling furniture. I especially love upcycling old lamps and lampshades.