Supporting Small Businesses – How #BuyFromTheBush can help your small business

By PVA Guest Blogger / December 10, 2019 /
How the #BuyFromTheBush Campaign has helped Small Businesses in the Bush

It’s been a rough time for rural communities in Australia. With many farming communities dependent on rain to keep them afloat, it’s been a struggle for many families to make ends meet. Enter Grace Brennan, who started the #BuyFromTheBush hashtag and social media profiles to support small businesses in her local community. The purpose of…

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The Forgotten Art of Human Connection

By PVA Guest Blogger / October 28, 2019 /
A man and woman sit beside each other and have clearly forgotten the art of human connection.

We’ve recently had a guest blogger, who wishes to stay anonymous, come and share her experience with social media. While she speaks on personal issues, her words speak true on the importance of personal connection within the world of business, whether it be between employer and employee, coworkers or towards clients. We hope you find…

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