Why take on a Virtual Office Receptionist?

By Chris Wood / October 9, 2021 /
Why take on a Virtual Office Receptionist

A virtual office receptionist can boost your business performance and be useful in a whole number of ways. Why consider a Virtual office Receptionist service? Talking to people is at the core of any business. Making sure that when someone calls you have the information they need at your fingertips so that they have any…

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Ramp up your business during Christmas

By Prue Leng / November 24, 2020 /
Ramp up your business during christmas

Help ramp up your business during Christmas shutdown After the cluster-fluff that was the last year, many businesses will be looking towards the Christmas shutdown with a tear in their eye. For some it cannot come soon enough, for others, the end of the year is a mixed blessing. By the end of any year,…

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Australian Virtual Receptionists Aid Small Business COVID Recovery

By Prue Leng / July 21, 2020 /
Australian Virtual Receptionists

As the world returns to the new normal, outsourcing to an Australian virtual receptionist could help businesses recover from COVID-19, faster. Outsourcing may sound a bit counter-intuitive in these challenging economic times. However contracting out time consuming tasks that don’t generate money can actually save you time, money and even generate revenue. How? By freeing…

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Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist: Why great customer call experience counts

By Prue Leng / March 11, 2020 /
Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

First impressions count when meeting for the first time. Similarly, the impression your potential customers get from their first phone call to your business can make or break a deal. This is where the benefits of a Virtual Receptionist (VR) can be your best small business advantage. Despite our love of all-things online, customers still…

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