What is a virtual office?

By Chris Wood / April 15, 2021 /
What is a virtual office? Profitabbility Virtual Assistance

How would it be to have an office, but without all of the overheads? So, no utilities bills, administrative staffing costs, but a fully functioning office space to base your business from. That’s the idea of a virtual office, and in this article I’ll dig a little deeper into the benefits that having one brings.…

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By Prue Leng / April 22, 2020 /
Affordable Virtual Office Services

The Coronavirus crisis has made virtual offices, reality. It challenged traditional office work spaces and questioned the need for employees to be in the one place. Self-isolation and social distancing aside, a virtual office is a viable reality for many businesses looking to expand, without the associated overheads of leasing a new office space and…

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