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Setting Business Goals with a Virtual Assistant by Your Side

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I’ve come to understand something crucial about running a micro or small business: setting business goals is not just about defining what we want to achieve, it’s also about figuring out how we can make it happen. And in this hustle of daily operations, it’s easy to lose sight of those larger objectives. That’s where my team at ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance makes a real difference, by helping you stay on track with your goals.

Cost-Effective Expertise at Your Fingertips

Here at ProfitAbility, we’ve developed a support system that’s all about understanding the value of your time and money. We offer expert assistance at an affordable rate of $60 per hour, and we’re big on fairness – charging only in 5-minute increments. This means if a task takes just 10 minutes, you’re only charged for those 10 minutes. It’s straightforward, economical, and completely tailored to the fluctuating needs of your business.

Minimal Training, Maximum Efficiency

Our Virtual Assistants are highly skilled professionals who require little to no training. They’re ready to tackle tasks right out of the gate, which means you won’t be bogged down with lengthy training sessions. This hands-on approach saves time and ensures that your business operations are streamlined from the get-go.

Strategic Planning and Setting Business Goals

I’ve always believed that setting business goals is an art and a science. It’s about crafting a vision and meticulously planning the steps to get there. This is where your VA can be worth their weight in gold! They can help you map out a strategic plan that’s both ambitious, attainable and most importantly logical … ensuring every effort you put in is effectively inching you closer to your goals.

Task Prioritisation and Achieving Business Goals

With a dedicated VA to manage the recurring tasks, I’ve seen many business owners – myself included – claw back the time needed to ‘work on the business, rather than in the business’. It’s about smart delegation, which in turn, fuels progress toward achieving those larger business goals.

Consistency and Quality Control in Pursuit of Business Goals

Consistency in business operations is vital, and it’s something that our team understand really well. Your VA will uphold a high standard of quality and consistency, which is essential for any business aiming for long-term success.

Customer Satisfaction as a Business Goal

Delivering exceptional customer service is a goal we all share. Your VA acts as an extension of your commitment to customer satisfaction, handling inquiries and follow-ups with the utmost professionalism and warmth.

Flexibility and Scalability When Setting Business Goals

As your business evolves, so do your needs. Our VAs are flexible and scalable, growing with your business to meet and support the expansion of your goals.

Building Upon Success

When I founded ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance, my aim was to create a service that grows with your business. We start by identifying the tasks that will make the most significant impact on your time and cost savings, then build our support from there, always in line with your pace and progress.

Ready to make the next 12 months your best yet?

Embarking on the journey of setting business goals can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. With ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance, you gain a partner who’s as invested in your goals as you are. Get in touch with us today, and let’s make those ambitions a reality, together.

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