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The top 5 ways to encourage Google to visit

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how to get visitors to my website
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The importance of being seen

We all want more website visitors, and that means making sure Google is on-side when people go looking.

But how do we make sure Google knows all about our website, what it is about, and importantly is listing us at or near the top of the search results?

Top 5 ways to encourage Google to visit

Submit your sitemap

You can submit your sitemap to your Google Search Console account. This file tells them what they will find on each page of your website (kind of like a cheat sheet for the Google Gods about your site).

Google My Business profile

Ensure your Google My Business Profile and all social media profiles have the new website address noted on them.

Google Analytics

Connect your Google Analytics account to your website. Again, to set this up we would need your Google login details to submit the file to them. Again this notifies Google that there is a new website to monitor and follow.

The power of blogs

Create regular blogs. Among other benefits, this lets Google know that your site is active and it gives the impression to Google that your site is up to date – which meets their commercial goals of providing the most relevant search results to the Google searchers.

Backlink building

You can ask other website owners to mention your website on their website. This is usually done by them writing a blog that talks about you or by recommending your services/events on their website. This is known as a ‘backlink‘ from another website.

Boost your presence

As a bonus point, I’ll touch on SEO.

You don’t just want Google to know about your website, you want to make sure Google also understand what it is about and lists it at the top, or near the top, of the search results.

All of the points above can be built on by making sure that good SEO has been put in place for your website, boosting your chances of being noticed in search. Find out more in our article What is SEO? How to rank your page for success

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