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Australia Day Marketing Ideas for Micro and Small Businesses

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Young boy sporting Australian flag sunglasses and a temporary tattoo on his cheek, symbolising patriotic celebration, representing Australia Day marketing ideas for small and micro businesses.
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Australia Day is a time for celebration across the nation, and for micro and small businesses, it presents an opportunity to connect with customers, showcase your Australian pride, and even give back to the community. Whether you sell products or services, there are plenty of creative Australia Day marketing ideas to explore.

Here’s are 12 Australia Day marketing ideas that are suitable for any business to adopt and celebrate Australia Day.

  1. Run an Australia Day Competition: Engage your audience with an Australia Day-themed competition. Ask participants to submit photos or stories that capture the spirit of Australia, and offer prizes that celebrate Australian-made products or services.
  2. Highlight Australian Ownership: Promote your Australian-owned and operated status. Share your business’s story, what being Australian means to you, and how it reflects in your business ethos and practices.
  3. Aussie-themed Profile Updates: Refresh your social media profiles and website with Australian-themed images. Think kangaroos, the Southern Cross, or the iconic green and gold. This small change can make a big impact, showing your involvement in the celebration.
  4. ‘Bring a Mate’ Deals: Introduce ‘bring a mate’ deals where customers can enjoy 2-for-1 offers or discounts when they bring a friend. It’s a fantastic way to encourage more traffic while embracing the Aussie spirit of mateship.
  5. Esky Filled with Aussie Goods Raffle: Get into the spirit of giving by filling an iconic Esky with a selection of Australian-made products and hosting a raffle. You can include items such as local wines, Aussie snacks, skincare products, and crafts from local artisans. Promote the raffle on social media and in-store, with proceeds going to a local cause or simply as a fun customer appreciation gesture.
  6. Local Community Support: Australia Day is a great occasion to support your local community. Sponsor a local event or collaborate with community groups to host an activity, showing that your business is an active part of the Australian community.
  7. Charitable Giving Initiative: Show your commitment to Australia by pledging to donate a portion of your sales on or around Australia Day to a homegrown charity such as the Australian Koala Foundation. This not only helps a good cause but also resonates with customers who value social responsibility. Make sure to publicise your pledge on all your platforms to encourage customers to make purchases that contribute to the effort.
  8. Themed Products or Services: If you’re a product-based business, consider offering limited edition Australia Day-themed products. Service-based businesses can offer special services or discounts that tie in with the holiday, like an Australian-themed package or an adventure discount.
  9. Educational Content: Educate your customers about the history and significance of Australia Day to you with blog posts, infographics, or social media content. It’s a way to engage and provide value to your audience.
  10. Host an Aussie Barbecue: Nothing says Australia Day like a good old-fashioned barbecue. Host an event at your premises or in partnership with other local businesses. It can be a customer appreciation day, complete with Aussie classics like snags, lamingtons, and pavlova.
  11. Dress-up Discount or Aussie Gift Offer: Encourage customers to embrace the festive spirit by offering a special discount or a uniquely Australian gift to anyone who visits your business dressed in Australia Day attire. Consider items like a small jar of Vegemite, a delicious snag in bread, or even a temporary tattoo of the Australian flag. Not only does this create a fun and interactive experience, but it also makes for great photo opportunities to share on your social media platforms, further promoting your business and the day’s activities.
  12. Australian Music and Entertainment: Create an Australia Day ambiance by playing Australian music in your store or at your office. Online, you could share a playlist of Australian tunes with your customers to spread the festive vibe.

So which idea tickled your fancy?

Australia Day is more than just a national holiday; it’s an occasion for small businesses to shine and show their Aussie pride. By incorporating even just one of these Australia Day Marketing Ideas, you can join in the celebration, promote your business, and create a deeper connection with your community.

So, throw on your thongs, don your sunnies, and get ready to celebrate Australia Day with gusto!

If you need a hand with getting organised, chat to our team about how we can help!

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