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Why employ a copywriter?

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Why employ a copywriter?
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Modern businesses have to write a lot. There is so much writing involved making sure that everything gets covered.

Social media, copy for printed materials, websites, blogs, newsletters, emails and so much more go into supporting the running of a business.

How much writing? As an example, I get automated reports through about the amount of content I write.

The last report told me that since May 2018 I have written a total of 2,418,980 words.

At the time of writing this article it works out to be around 45,000 words a month, or roughly 1,500 words a day, that’s a lot of writing!

So, getting your copy right is fundamentally important, and in this article I’ll run through our top 10 reasons why hiring a copywriter is something to seriously consider.

Get noticed – SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a vital skill to have these days.

Getting the words and phrases right will make sure that your content is noticed by the search engines.

You will get seen, and getting visitors means increasing your chances of getting that all important click. Be that a click on a contact form, to a product, a booking for an appointment, or whatever.

A good content writer will appreciate that any copy they write must have SEO taken into account.

If you’d like to learn more about SEO, have a look at our article, ‘What is SEO?

Writing for people – it’s not just about Google.

SEO is super important, but so is getting your message right.

This is about writing engaging copy that both tells a ‘story’ and makes people interested in what you are saying.

This is a skill that is especially important when it comes to writing good copy for adverts for example.

With an advert you only have a few line to grab people’s attention.

Good copy will sell them on the idea of what you are writing about, and get them in the right mindset to click your link.

Of course engaging copy that converts isn’t just relevent to adverts. Blog posts, posters, web pages, emails, in fact anything writtern for your audience needs to be interesting and engaging.

Writing targeted content

Each application is different. For example an advert may just be a few short lines, where a blog post will be much longer form content.

Employing a copywriter ensures you have somone on board who fully understands the differences and will be able to write appropriatly.

Content accuracy

When you employ a copywriter, you can say goodbye to having to deal with typos and grammatical mistakes.

They will proofread every word and phrase to make sure things are both correctly structured and spelt correctly.

There’s nothing worse than reading something that’s indecipherable due to the way it is written. It is also fair to say that any writing that’s riddled with spelling mistakes is very off-putting.

Consistency in your message

This one comes down to writing styles and using the correct language for your business.

A professional business such as a law firm will require precise and concise language. A funky clothing brand on the other hand will be quite different, most likely preferring a more upbeat style of writing.

Keeping the tone consistent helps build familiarity and trust with the reading audience.  

Saving your time

Have you ever procrastinated over getting the next batch of social media posts written and scheduled?

Chances are it’s because you know it’s going to take a fair chunk of time to get things done, a large part of which will be writing the copy for the posts.

Employing a copywriter to do your this writing for you will save you a ton of time.

This is time you can put to good use focusing on other areas of your business, or even making space for a break to get refreshed.

Saving you money

Time is money, and writing can be a time intensive business.

By having a professional take the reigns you’ll save time overall, and hence save money too.

Gaining invaluable perspectives

There is truth in the saying “Can’t see the wood for the trees”

Or to put it another way, when we are so close to something we often get hyper focused, perhaps missing things.

A copywriter will give you a new set of eyes on your business and bring new perspectives, insights, and ideas.

Knowing your business

On the face of things, it may seem like a big ask – taking someone on to write your copy for you.

Afterall, what do they know about your business, how it works, what you do?

In reality employing a copywriter works well.

A copywriter will come at things not only with fresh eyes, but will also do research on your business, your niche, your competitors, and your industry in general.

All of this will create valuable insights and additional information and content for your business.

Getting content done!

Business owners are busy people. Quite often the first thing to give in a packed schedule are those time sucking social media posts, or that blog you’ve been meaning to write for a coule of months or so.

Employing a copywriter is bringing someone on to your team who’s sole focus is making sure that all of this gets done. On time, and to quality.

Summary – Why employ a copywriter?

As you can see hiring a copywriter can return great results for you.

You can save time and money knowing that the content being created will make you look professional, generate results and help grow your business.

Would you like to know more?

Check out our copywriting page for more ideas and to explore the possibilities, or get in touch to talk to us about how we could help.

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