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Why write a blog – 5 reasons to write a business blog

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Why write a blog

You may have been wondering “why write a blog?’”

There are a number of great reasons why taking the time to get something published is worth the effort.

Give people content

At the top of the list is giving people information.

A blog is a great way of really getting into a subject for people and covering a topic in much more depth than you would be able to with a social media post for example.

With a blog you can get into more details about your subject, you, your business and related things you wish to talk about that people are interested in reading and learning about.

A visitor, having read a great blog, will have a better sense of who you are and what you do, and may wish to come back again for relevant and useful information.

Consolidating your own knowledge

Quite often when you write you have a clear idea regarding exactly what you want to say. More times than not though you’ll find yourself with gaps in what you’re trying to get across, and this will take you on a journey of exploration to find out more.

Writing blogs is a great way of expanding and deepening your own knowledge and understanding, helping you to become even more authoritative in your field.

Making Google happy

Another great answer to the question “why write a blog?” is making Google happy.

Google has several ways of working out who should be listed, and in which position in the search results they should be displayed when a search is done.

The exact recipe of how Google determines this is a closely kept secret, but they do let us know what is factored into their decisions.

One thing we do know for certain is considered is content. Google likes to see that websites are alive, not just static and unchanging. Google can see when new content is added to a site and uses this as a ranking factor when deciding on where to present you in their search results. If Google regularly sees content going up your chances of getting a better listing position increase.

On the subject of keeping Google happy, for some great tips have a look at our other blog “What is SEO? How to rank your page for success”

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to Google, but to all of the other search engines out there too.

Expanding your chance of being found


This is your chance to get found. By writing your blog to include keywords that people are searching for you massively increase your chance of standing out and being listed high up the search results.  

More content to find

Let’s say your website is 5 pages. That’s 5 pages that people can find when searching. Add a blog and that’s another page for people to find. Adding just a single blog has essentially increased your chance of being found by 20% ! Each and every blog you add gives people more to find.

Opportunities to promote

You want people to get in touch so you can follow up with them regarding the benefits of your product / service and, of course, sell to them.  Every blog is an opportunity to put in a way for people to get in contact with you, increasing your chance of making a sale. For example, take look at the bottom of this blog, where you’ll see ways of getting in touch with us and finding out more.

Do you want to highlight something else that’s on another page of your website that you know will be of benefit to people? No problem, just drop in a button or a link. The more you encourage people to look around the longer they will stay, potentially ending up in them wanting to say hi (or to purchase something).

Is your site an e-commerce site? If so, you have the perfect sales opportunity and can have people purchase directly from your blog.

Summary – Why write a blog?

As you can see there are lots of reasons why writing a blog is both helpful to potential readers and of course helpful for your site as well.

Blogs should be written for the benefit of the reader and have great information they will find useful. That said they are also wonderful for all the marketing reasons mentioned above if applied correctly and sensitively.

So, in summary, why write a blog? To get visitors to your website, convert people to prospects and make sales.

If you get into the habit of putting up blogs on a regular basis, you’ll soon have a set of resources that people will search out in order to find out more.

The more frequent and better your blog posts are, the higher the chances for your website to get discovered and visited by your target audience

Write enough blogs and you may tip over into the realms of becoming an authority site, a go-to place that is known for having great information, imagine what your traffic would be like then!

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